PIEDMONT CHAPTER                      Chartered 21 November 1963
         Military Officers Association of America                               55 Years
                               September  2019                                            Keeping Alive a Fine Tradition                                                      _____________________________________________________________________________

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PIEDMONT CHAPTER, MOAA  DINNER  MEETING     Thursday, 19 September 2019
         We will be honored with several guests.  The first two guests are Army Cadet Erin Flaherty and Air Force Cadet Captain Brent Wilken.     They will be receiving the MOAA Outstanding Cadet Award.  Our guest speaker will be Mr J.C. Cook, Mayor of the City of Clemson.  Mayor Cook will speak to his challenges of running a small city, surrounded by a large, rapidly growing university along with a very rapidly growing community. 
            Date:               Thursday, 19 September 2019, 1800 (6 PM)
            Place:             Occasions at Wedgefield
                                    1551 Eighteen Mile Road  (State Rd S-39-18)  Central, SC  29630
                                    Phone:  864-617-8884

            Directions:     From Anderson, take 76 West toward Clemson.  At end of 76 (at the Ace Hardware with                                            Clemson flags), turn right onto 123 North.  Continue on 123 North approximately 4                                              miles. Take Road 18 Exit (between mile markers 5 and 6).  Exit to the right and turn right                             at the end of the ramp.  Go approximately 0.2 miles and Occasions will be on your left.

            Menu:            Chef’s Choice Buffet including salad, vegetable, several entrees, coffee and tea.
                                          A cash bar will be available.
            Cost:              $17.00 per person includes tax and gratuity. 

          RSVP/Mail Checks:  Col Tom Turner   

                                                38 Voyles Road, Abbeville, SC  29620
                                                Call:  (864) 378-7143 or 864-446-2449(m) or 864-933-4067(m)
                                                Checks payable to:  Piedmont Chapter,  MOAA

            RSVP  Date:              Monday, 16 September 2019
                                                Spouses and guests are encouraged to attend.

RESERVATION FOR Occasions,  19 September 2019






President’s  Notes:  We had a very informative presentation in July by Mr Brennan Beck and Ty Robinson regarding the Clemson University’s efforts in enhancing and promoting the student life of Clemson’s veteran students.  Also, our special thanks to Mrs Carole Ann McClimon for her contribution to this Clemson program.

Your Chapter Board has approved a change to the chapter bylaws that will allow Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) to be regular dues-paying members of the chapter.  This type membership will be on an invitational basis only and be approved by the Board.  This change will require a vote of the membership at the September meeting.   

On behalf of the membership and especially the Chapter Board, I want to thank Pam Durham for her fine work over the last several years maintaining the chapter roster and dealing with the new MOAA Committee Module introduced by MOAA headquarters. Pam’s schedule at work had gotten so demanding that she had to give this up. Thank You, Pam, for your dedication and service. We still look forward to seeing you at our dinners.

A few words regarding membership.  I continuously look for new members. When the opportunity comes, and it does come, it is my responsibility to pass on an invitation to come to our next meeting.  I try to get a phone number, email, etc., and promise to get back in touch. I believe we have a good program and people just need to be asked…maybe several times.  I trust we are all together in this effort.  If you can bring a prospective member to one of our meetings, their dinner is free.

Do you have overseas travel planned?  Do you know what happens to your Tricare For Life benefit when an unexpected accident occurs overseas?  In the states, Medicare acts as your primary payer and TFL as your Medicare Supplement. However, Medicare does not cover overseas expenses, so Tricare becomes your primary payer.  Your Tricare supplement converts to  Tricare’s Select annual deductible and cost shares.  Be prepared to pay for any services you receive out of the country.  Be sure to save any proof of payment that you receive from the treatment facility.  You will need to submit a claim to Tricare. You are responsible for paying any amount that exceeds the Tricare-allowable charge, in addition to your deductible and cost share. Further information can be found by downloading MOAA’s TFL Handbook from the MOAA website.

 A Bit of Humor:  I recently called an old                                   Current Board of Directors

engineering buddy of mine and asked what he was                          President         LtCol Wayne Watson, USAF

working on these days.  He replied that he was working                   VP/Programs   COL Dale Ellenburg, USA

on “Agua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminum                                    Secretary         Sharon Jacobs, Auxiliary

and steel under a constrained environment.”  I was                         Treasurer         Tom Turner, Col, USAF

impressed until upon further inquiry, I learned that he                     Legislation      Steven Ford, LTC, USA

was washing dishes with hot water under his wife’s                         ROTC Awards Janelle Merritt, CDR, USN

supervision!  Ahh….the benefits of a good vocabulary.                Membership            vacant

                                                                                                            Webmaster      Jack Gregory, LtCol, USAF

                                                                                            Newsletter Editor and Roster:

South Carolina State Fair                                                              Howard Stammerjohn, LtCol, USAF

            Coming to the Columbia Fair Grounds.                                 Chaplain and Personal Affairs

                                                                                               Rev. Beryl Rosenberger, CAPT, USNR

                                                                                                            Hospitality      Col Ben/Pat Kissam, ARNG                                                                                                                    and LtCol Wayne Watson, USAF                 .           


Sept 2019


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