​​MEETINGS  -  Our Next Meeting is Thursday, May 21, 2020 -  Place and time to be determined.

The active duty military pay raise Iin 2020 will be 3.1%.
    .  The Widows Tax has been eliminated.
    .  Three South Carolina Veteran military nursing homes have been built.  Three more to include Gaffney, Florence and possibly Sumter are in the works.
    .  South Carolina's tax exemption for military retirement pay is expected to pass.
                 . The Piedmont Chapter now encompasses the Greater Greenville area as well as Anderson and Pickens Counties.

1. Two more states have enacted the no-state-tax for veterans.  North Dakota went immediately to full exemption.  Indiana has a phased in program over 4 years to full exemption. 
2. Chiropractic and acupuncture services could be covered by Tricare under a new policy set to be proposed.   Currently, this care is offered only to active-duty troops and activated Guard and Reserve. Just what will be covered under the new Tricare policy is a mystery. Coverage would likely not be available until early 2022.
3.  Military retirees, those who receive disability or other benefits from the VA, federal retirees and Social Security recipients will see a 1.6% increase in their monthly checks in 2020. 
4.  Veterans and military retirees can receive FREE flu shots at Walgreens, Ingles, Publix and Propp Drugs.  
Call ahead to insure schedule and availability and have your military ID.
5.  South Carolina currently has two state veterans homes.  They are located in Anderson and Walterboro.  Three more have been approved and funded by the SC Legislature and Executive Branch by then Governor Nikki Haley. They will be located in Florence (construction underway), Gaffney (site preparation underway), and Columbia (still in location and design phase).  These state veteran homes are federally subsidized but state owned, built and managed.
 Andersonians in War.  The Anderson County Museum is in the fundraising stage for a new permanent exhibit named ‘Andersonians in War”. This exhibit will highlight the heroes of our county and its rich military history and will offer a unique window into our military past, from the Revolution to the modern day. Any veteran or service member who has lived in Anderson County is eligible for inclusion. Look for a separate email explaining the program in more detail.  Or call Dale Ellenburg at 864-225-1073.   
Kudos to SC MOAA Chapters.  The Grand Strand Chapter and the Keowee Chapter are 2 of 22 chapters nationally to receive funds from the MOAA Community Outreach Grant Program.  Well Done!

Our Chapter is recognized by MOAA National for its Retention of Membership.   We are one of 91 chapters that retained at least 80% of their total membership.   We still have a challenge to get new members, but it is a feather in the cap to not lose those already on board, especially, as we all get older.   Plus we got a $250 retention incentive award from National MOAA.  


Navigating your military benefits can be a challenge. That’s why MOAA provides you with the information you need to help you take full advantage of all that you’ve earned. Learn more at www.moaa.org. DID YOU KNOW that if you are a LIFE MEMBER of MOAA you can get personalized advice by phone on your VA, or other government benefits ?

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