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Piedmont South Carolina Chapter

Below are our Board Meeting Minutes.  Minutes from our most recent Dinner Meeting are Here

Minutes from our most recent Dinner Meeting are  Here


The meeting was held at the Anderson County Library and called to order by President LtCol Wayne Watson at 1800.  Chapter Board Members present were LTC Howard Stammerjohn, Newsletter; Col Dale Ellenburg, VP - Programs; Col Tom Turner Treasurer; LtCol Jack Gregory, Webmaster; and Sharon Jacobs, Secretary.  Members absent were CDR Janelle Merritt, ROTC Liaison; LTC Steven Ford, Past President, Legislation; 1st Lt Pam Durham, Membership; LTC Howard Jones, Chaplain.
The minutes from the April Board Meeting were approved.   There is currently $5,069 in the Treasury with no outstanding debts.


1.  1st Lt Pam Durham has resigned from her position as Membership Director.  At the moment, there is no prospect of a replacement.  The basic function of this position is to maintain the membership roster.  Howard will email those whose dues are delinquent.

2.  Joe Wilson is recovering from a fall.  Sharon volunteered to send a card to Joe and Linda.

3.  Bruce and Toni Smith are possible new members.  Sharon will invite them to the next dinner meeting on July 18th.

4.  Howard discussed the survey and concluded that no changes need to be made concerning the membership meetings.

5.  Suggested speakers/programs include:
              a.   Lt Clebe McClary, wounded veteran and inspirational speaker.
              b.  Civil Air Patrol
              c.  TTI on I-85  (New high-school level technical school)

              d.  Anderson VA Facility Director (Howard will inquire.)
              e.  Local VA Director
              f.  "Get to Know MOAA."  What it is and what it contributes to the community.

              g.  Invite potential members for a free meal provided by the host or the chapter. 
              h.  Mark Hopkins
              i.  Mayor of Clemson

6.  The guest speaker for the July 18 dinner meeting is Brennan Beck who is a Clemson University Employee at the VA Office.  He is a graduate student, an Army veteran, and he promotes anything military.  Wayne will contact the Electric City News for publicity.

7.  Howard's deadline for the Newsletter is June 24th. 

8.  A trip to the SC Council at Fort Jackson was discussed.

The next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 6, 2019, at 6 pm at the Anderson County Library.   The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.  Respectfully submitted,  Sharon Jacobs, Secretary