Piedmont South Carolina Chapter

Below are our Board Meeting Minutes.  Minutes from our most recent Dinner Meeting are Here

Minutes from our most recent Dinner Meeting are  Here

MOAA National

The meeting was held at the Anderson County Library
and called to order by President LtCol Wayne Watson at 1800.  Chapter Board Members present were LTC Howard Stammerjohn, Newsletter; Col Dale Ellenburg, VP - Programs; LtCol Jack Gregory, Webmaster; CDR Janelle Merritt, ROTC Liaison, LTC  Steven Ford Past President/Legislation, Sharon Jacobs, Secretary.  Members absent were Col Tom Turner, Treasurer; LTC Howard Jones, Chaplain.
The minutes from the June 4, 2019, meeting were corrected and approved.
The Financial Report reflecting a balance of $5,080.06 was approved.
1.  1st Lt Pam Durham successfully transferred all membership records to Howard. 
Howard will maintain the roster; however, the Membership position is still open.  Currently, 13 members and 3 auxillary members are delinquent in their dues.  Some of these have already indicated they will not renew; others will be contacted.
2.  The formula for calculating council dues is $1 for each member.  There are currently 61 members, so the dues are $61.
3.  The Council Website and the integrating of the Piedmont Chapter Website remains in question. 
Clarifying information is required before the $50 committment can be made.  The Piedmont Chapter Website is paid-up through April 2021 and running smoothly.

5.  Brennan Beck, Clemson University's Director for Military and Veteran Engagement, has been tasked with setting up a photo-op to receive the $1,000 donation from this chapter. 
The University Scholarship Foundation will contribute as well.
6.  As is customary, the September dinner meeting, which will be held at Occasions, will include the two winning cadets from Clemson's ROTC, Erin Flaherity (Army) and Brent Wilken (Air Force).  Each will speak for a few minutes.  The guest speaker will be Clemson Mayor J. C. Cook.  His topic will include his adventures as a small town mayor.
7.  The MOAA National Annual Financial Statement was reviewed. 
It was noted that the services, revenue and expenses were decreasing while the administrative costs were increasing.
8.  The deadline for the Newsletter is September 2.
9.  Steve had no new update on the Federal Widows' Tax.
10.  Dale distributed information concerning a fundraising program for the local museum.  
The Anderson County Museum is in the fundraising stage for the new permanent exhibit titled Andersonians in War.  Any veteran or service member who has lived in Anderson County is eligible for inclusion in the Veterans' Hall.
11.  Wayne indicated he planned to attend the Council Meeting on Saturday, August 10th.  
The next Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 1, 2019, at 6 pm at the Anderson County Library.
The meeting adjourned at 1930.

Respectfully submitted,  Sharon Jacobs, Secretary