Piedmont South Carolina Chapter



The luncheon meeting was held at the Anderson County Museum and called to order at 1140 by President Wayne Watson who welcomed all members and guests.  Guests included Aimee Edelman, formally with the Coast Guard.  Aimee moved here from Sarasota, Florida, and has a masters in history.  Janelle introduced her long-time friend, Christel Loeacher. 

The invocation was delivered by Beryl Rosenberger who prayed this particular prayer in the Senate Chamber many years ago.

Wayne led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Wayne's comments included: 

              1.  How much we miss John Kissam and Fred Schwerdtfeger.

              2.  The active duty military pay raise will be 3.1%.

              3.  The Widows Tax has been eliminated.

              4.  Three military nursing homes have been built.  Three more to include Gaffney, Florence and possibly Sumter are in the works.

              5.  South Carolina's tax exemption for military retirement pay is expected to pass.

              6.  Bobby Cox has not confirmed that he will be the speaker at the next dinner meeting.  We need to have an alternative.

              7.  Wayne encouraged all to invite friends, relatives and neighbors who may be eligible to join Piedmont Chapter.

Lunch was served.

After lunch Wayne introduced our guest speakers, Beverly Childs, Executive Director of the Anderson County Museum, and Dustin Norris, Curator of the Anderson County Museum.

              1.  Beverly explained that the county owns and maintains the museum and pays the salaries of three staff members.  Fund raisers are needed for exhibits.   (a) January 28th at 5:30 is Military Appreciation Night.  (b) February 4th will be a tribute to Black History Month. (c) The museum is currently looking for "lively" volunteers to work three hours a month to greet and speak to museum guests.

              2.  Dustin explained the "Andersonians at War"  exhibit and the progress of The Hall of Veterans that is expected to open late in 2021.   We were encouraged to participate in the fund raising by purchasing ($250) a 5" X 12" veteran honoree block that will be part of the new exhibit.

The next dinner meeting will be held at Tuckers, at 6 pm, on March 16.

Mary Rosenberger won the door prize.

Beryl gave the benediction and the meeting was adjourned at 1330.

Respectfully submitted,


Sharon Jacobs, Secretary