Piedmont South Carolina Chapter

Photos from 2019 Dinner Meetings.  Immediately below our May meeting guest speaker Ms. Beth Leavitt, Air Force Association 2018 NATIONAL Teacher of the Year,  M.Ed., NBCT, NASA NEAT, Executive Director FIRST Team 283, The Generals.   Her 3 students and presenters at our meeting  --   Chesney Birshing, Anh Doan, Mark Smith.  At far right photo, with our guests, our Former Chapter President,  Lt Col Howard Stammerjohn, (USAF, Ret).


July 2019 Meeting --  Random Photos


Don't ask me why it is sideways instead of right side up.  If I could get it right, it would be right.  I saved this for last because it is so obviously wrong in presentation so as to illustrate the vagaries of the Internet and the limitations of the skill of your webmaster.  Anyway, this is our guest speaker on the Left at our July 2019 meeting, Brennan Beck, and a Veteran Guest, Warren Lutz.